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Part 6


Jay was relieved to meet Navya since he was assured that there was no one in Cia,s life.

“Cia I want to apologise for my earlier behavior and would like to start again. I value your friendship and enjoy spending time with you.”

“Jay I know I over reacted. I was also to blame. But I assure you that this is not my normal behavior.”

“Fine lets start our friendship again and let bygones be bygones.”

The next day was the presentation of the new designs to the client so Jay and Cia went to the client,s Delhi office. After much discussions the result was in their favour. The company not only approved the designs but also offered them an exclusive five year contract whereby A & J Modern collection would not only be promoted in India but also in the nearby countries. Also AJ creations would be their sole partner in India.

By Tuesday the news had spread all over the company and congratulations had started to pour in. Jay planned a get together for Friday for the company where in this new contract would be celebrated.

Cia was overwhelmed with the congratulations she was receiving. Except for Veronica everyone had congratulated her. She started sketching new designs with the intention of getting them approved by jay till the end of the week.

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