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Part 2


Jay Dixit sat in his room frowning , thinking as to how his stepbrother Vijay had committed such a blunder, a complete mess of the family business.

Jay the CEO of A& J Corporation was a recuperating from a major accident as such he had temporarily handed over the reigns of the family business to Vijay, whom he had believed to be fully capable of handling the affairs. But instead of looking after the business Vijay had not only taken personal loans from the company but also lost two major contracts.

Jay was not in Delhi at that time but was recuperating at a private clinic in Bangalore otherwise this disaster could have been averted.

At this moment A&J Creations needed a new designer to revamp the entire A & J Modern Collection. The Modern collection was aimed at the modern working women who expected comfort in addition to style and elegance. For this they were ready to pay the desired amount of money.

A & J Creations was a known fashion brand , exclusively for the elite. But for the past five years or so the competition had increased and the profit margins had decreased. Jay was planning on launching the new line A & J Modern Collection but due to his accident the plans had been delayed. He had asked Vijay to take over but Vijay as he now realized had not taken any interest in the new line.

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