His Innocent Designer (Part 8, page 2 of 4)

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Part 8

Cia woke up feeling happy. She blushed remembering the way she had behaved last night. Jay was a wonderful lover. He had been extremely patient with her even though he had wanted her badly. She realized that whatever had happened at night was inevitable as she was deeply in love with Jay. But she also knew that Jay was commitment phobic due to his parents bad marriage, then separation and eventually his father’s remarriage to his secretary.

She woke up hurriedly got dressed and packed her bags wondering where Jay was. She noticed his note and went to his room.

Jay had ordered a lavish breakfast with Aloo paranthas- her favourite, but she barely nibbled at the food, She was in deep thought when he asked her if everything was ok.

“Cia are you sure you are ok?”

“Yes, I am fine.”

“ You do not seem fine. Are you repenting last night? I just want to reassure you that we have done nothing wrong. We are both adults and there is nothing wrong in expressing our feelings for one another. In fact yesterday was a beautiful night which I will remember throughout my life.”

“Can you just shut up? I know you didn’t seduce me but I have never behaved such wantonly before so I need to digest the fact that I have slept with somebody.”

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