His Innocent Designer (Part 4, page 1 of 9)

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Part 4


The week passed as usual. Jay would pick her up ,drop her to the workshop and then go to his cabin to work .He would never come to her cabin or ask her about her progess. Strangely she missed him. In the evenings he would drop her to her cottage . He didn’t invite her for dinner anymore. Infact sometime’s she felt that maybe he repented the kiss.

In the evenings he would go out for dinner. There was always a beautiful lady to accompany him. On Saturday morning when he picked her up he reminded her of his invitation to dinner. Cia had simply forgotten.

“Are you backing out from your invitation or you simply don’t enjoy my company?”

“No, Jay I simply believed that you had forgotten the invitation.”

“I never forget my commitments but since you are working today we can shift today’s dinner to tomorrows lunch or dinner if you are not busy tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow dinner will be fine. I will get time to prepare a proper Pahari dinner for you. Are you a vegetarian or a non vegetarian?”

“I am fond of non vegetarian food but vegetarian dishes will also do. So, what time should I come at your place? I can come in the morning to help you do some grocery shopping.”

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