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Part 1

Wow I’m so stupid! Was that why she left? For treatment? Wow I was such a jerk.

I turn around to walk back but before I know it I'm Sprinting to her. “Mina Wait!” I yell as I see the short girl about to get on the motorcycle.

“Y-yes Cade?” She asks, stepping down.

“ I wanna know what happened, everything.” I say slightly out of breath. My body was not made for running.

“Oh..” She says “Hop on. We can’t talk here.” She says, tossing me a helmet.

I snap the cool plastic buckle under my chin.

“Hold On.” She says.

I carefully place my hands on her shoulders.

She grabs them and puts them tightly around her waist.

“You have to hold tight silly!” She says with a laugh and takes off driving.

A few moments later we arrive at a park I know oh so well. Mina And I had come here all the time as kids. We would spend time climbing to the small roof that was directly above the slide. It was a high climb and very hard to get down from, but it was fun. She parked her motorcycle and jumped off. Before I even realized what I was doing, we had both climbed to the roof and sat there.

I looked at her over for a minute, She was quite skinny now. It looked as if she hadn’t eaten in a long period of time. The oxygen tube glistened in the sunlight just like her eyes. Her once dirty blond hair was dyed a deep shade of blue. Her once freckled and dirty face was now perfectly clean and she wore a heavy amount of makeup. Her winged eyeliner was very thick and gave off a badie vibe. She kinda rocks it though, not gonna lie.

I take another moment to look myself over. My hair is messy and all over the place, I didn’t have time to comb it this morning, I really need to get it cut.It looks kinda nice with it’s green tint. My once tiny green eyes are now big and bright with clear framed glasses lingering in front of them. My eyelashes are longer than I thought. It looks like I apply a thick layer of mascara every morning. My face has gotten multiple freckles over the years. My cheek has a long scar from a fight last year. I had my fist, he had a switchblade. I’m lucky to still be alive. My T-shirt is white and baggy with a green windbreaker pulled over it. My pants are just simple black jeans. I look back at her causing her to smile slightly.

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