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Part 1

Chapter One: The Introduction.

The first time I saw her she was a blur of long black hair and tan skin. She whizzed up and down the street, the wind in her hair. I was sitting on the curb like the loner I am. There was something so familiar about this girl, I didn’t know what until she stopped directly in front of me.

“Cade?” She said with a shaky voice. The kind of voice that you know is on the verge of tears. Her eyes swelled as she jumped off the motorcycle and stood just inches in front of me. “Is it really you?” She said staring deep into my eyes.

I knew exactly who she was, but I couldn’t bear to talk to her right now. Mina Choi, my best friend who disappeared last year. Everyone seemed to know where she went, except me. I called her and texted her countless times, but she never responded. How could someone just ditch their bestfriend like that? I shook my head and backed up as I said “Sorry wrong person.” I knew I was being rude by lying to her, but this was the worst possible time to talk to me. I was going through so much drama right now. I didn’t need more.

“Cade, I know it’s you.” She said using only her eyes and her soft tone to plead with me to talk to her. “I know my best friend.” She said.

“I’m not your best friend.” I said walking away.

“C’mon Cade! Talk to me! You can’t leave your best friend alone!” She pleaded.

“One, You are the one that left me Two, I’m not your best friend.

“Cade-” She said but I never gave her the opportunity to finish. I stormed off. No way was I gonna let her lecture me about “Best Friends.” She had no clue what best friends were. She left me! She was the one who disappeared! She was the one that walked out on our friendship! She was the one who left me lonely and abandoned. She Did! Not me!

Mina And I- We were great friends. We would do the weirdest things, like smash food in eachothers faces. I started to develop feelings for her. I never wanted to leave her side. I never wanted anything to hurt her. I never wanted her to feel alone.

Looks Like She didn’t feel the same…

As I walk away though, I notice something is different. Something is new. As I replay the moment in my head, I realize what it was. She had an oxygen tube. It looped around her ears and went through her nose. The tube was connected to a small box which she had stuffed in her bag.

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