Her Irresistable Boss (Part 8, page 2 of 3)

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Part 8

Her only jewellery at the moment was a gold chain at her neck.

She was directed to a secluded corner of the dining area where a beautiful table was set for two. Vihaan was nervously waiting for her. He had arrived early .

The table lad two glasses with a bottle of champagne. There was a vase with red roses in the centre of the table. Fragnant candles were placed on the table.The entire scene was beautiful.

“Oh Vihaan this is so beautiful.”

“But not as beautiful as you”

“Have a seat. I have ordered your favorite starters.”

Raima was feeling guilty. Though she had never deliberately misguided him but she was feeling bad for hurting Vihaan.

“Vihaan we need to talk.”

“Shh Raima keep quiet. Just enjoy your meal.”

The food was delicious but to Raima it tasted like sawdust. Vihaan had taken so much trouble and he would be disappointed at the end.

Somehow they finished dinner . Vihaan asked her for desert but she declined.

“Vihaan I cannot take this much longer.”

Vihaan took out a box from his pocket but before he could say anything Raima interrupted him, ”Vihaan I don’t love you and I cannot deceive you into thinking that I might fall in love eventually. This is the second time I have rejected your proposal and I am feeling guilty.”

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