Her Irresistable Boss (Part 8, page 1 of 3)

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Part 8

Snow park was situated in the Mall of Emirates the second largest mall of Dubai. Vihaan and Raima were given warm jackets and boots to be worn inside.

It was a different atmosphere inside . Outside the window everyone was wearing summer clothes but inside it was extreme winter.

First both of them participated in the games being played there and then took a trolley ride to the top.

Inspite of the fact that they were wearing warm clothes Raima was shivering while on the trolley. Vihaan hugged her close to make her warm.

He knew he loved her but she didn’t however he was prepared to wait.

They then saw the penguin show. They spent two hours inside and then moved out. He then took her to a few shops for shopping.

They then proceeded back to the hotel. Raima had thoroughly enjoyed her day . Vihaan was a good companion but she did not love him.

Both entered the hotel smiling and holding hands. Dev was sitting in the corner of the lobby when they entered. He saw them envied their easy camaderie.

Vihaan asked her to be ready by 8 PM. He had booked a special table for two for them.

Raima knew that today she had to clear his misunderstanding but she didn’t want to spoil his mood so she decided to dress up for the evening. She wore a long dark cherry figure hugging gown. She kept her hair open and applied cherry lipstick with some light make up.

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