Her Irresistable Boss (Part 7, page 1 of 8)

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Part 7

Next morning Raima was late for breakfast .By the time she arrived in the all day dining Dev was enjoying a cup of coffee after his breakfast.

Raima was embarrassed by her behavior the day before so she decided to spend the rest of the day finishing her work.

“Dev when is our flight to Singapore?”

“Raima we are to take an evening flight so if you plan on sightseeing you should be back by three PM.”

“Dev I am going to Hard Rock to book it for the bachelors party because you were correct in suggesting that it would be ideal for the bachelors party. After that I would like to spend an hour in the market buying some gifts. I will be back by 3 PM.”

“I could accompany you if you want?”

“Ok sir.”

“Raima I told you Dev not sir. So much formality after what we shared yesterday.”

“Mr Dev Kumar whatever happened yesterday was a mistake which I do not intend to repeat.”

“But I fully intend to do so.”

“Oh, go to hell”, saying this Raima left to pack in her room. Within fifteen minutes she had checked out and placed her luggage in the lobby.

Dev was already waiting for her. Together they walked to Hard Rock booked the disco and neighbouring restaurant for the party. After that they went to the local market in Pattaya from where she bought some colorful scarves for her friends and a beautiful Buddha for another friend.

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