Her Irresistable Boss (Part 9, page 2 of 3)

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Part 9

Vihaan was a nice guy who loved her. Why could she not love him? Why could his kiss not move her when he truly loved her while even a peck from Dev filled her with desire?

Someone knocked at her door.

“Vihaan please go away. I am not in the mood to talk. I will speak to you tomorrow.”

“Raima this is Dev not Vihaan. Open the door. I want to check on you.”

“Open the door.”

“Just go away Dev I don’t want to speak to anyone. Just go”

“I will not go damn you either you open the door or I will break it.”

Raima knew that he was capable of breaking open the door. She opened the door.

Dev was shocked to see her state. She was in a state of disarray. Her dress was partially unzipped. Her lipstick was smudged and her mascara had spread. Still she looked so beautiful to him.

“What happened Raima ? Did he hurt you? Did he force you? Just tell me damn it. I will kill him if he misbehaved with you.”

“No it is nothing like that. He proposed to me again. He said he loves me and wants to marry him.”

“So, did you accept?” Dev’s heart beat had increased because if she had accepted he had lost his chance.

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