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Part 6

The next four days they followed the same routine. Raima and Dev would wake up in the morning, get ready and go to the office from where they would separate and then meet in the evening. Dev would then go out to have dinner with some business associate.

Raima liked the fast paced life. The speed with which DSK Corporation employees worked was ten times her original office. She was learning many new things and the staff was very cooperative. Each day they would take her to a new nearby restaurant and make her taste some delicacy.

Infact in the spare time Mr Ki had arranged meetings with the banquet manager and duty manager of Dusit Thani Pattaya and Holiday Inn Pattaya thereby helping her to arrange the wedding of Mr Khanna’s daughter. Thus she was able to save another trip to Thailand.

The duty manager invited her to come to Pattaya for the weekend so she could see all the banquets herself but Raima needed Dev’s permission for this purpose so she asked them to make whatever arrangements possible and rest she would see in person.

On Friday evening Raima asked dev about their next stop. He informed her that they were flying for Singapore on Sunday and if she wanted they could visit Pattaya together since he would be free on Saturday.

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