Her Irresistable Boss (Part 3, page 1 of 9)

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Part 3

Today was her first day and yesterday she had made a bad impression on her new boss. The problem was not him but her because she was very much aware of him as a man. Never had she felt such a strong sexual pull towards anybody. She had been engaged to Ajay for four years but had never felt this way. To counter her awareness she was rude to him. But this would not do so she decided that she would apologize for her behavior yesterday.

She dressed in her favorite black long skirt with a sleeveless white blouse. This dress suited her and showed her curvy figure to perfection. She knew she looked good in that dress.

She was exactly on time sharp 9 a.m .but Dev was already working on his laptop.

She had back to back appointments today. First in line was Mr and Mrs Khanna for their daughter’s wedding with Mr and Mrs Singh’s son . They being an extremely wealthy couple and belonging to the crème de la crème of Delhi. Raima was personally looking after their entire programme.

The wedding celebrations were to be held at Pattaya in Thailand at five star hotel Dusit Thani. The y would be marrying at dusit Thani But the reception was to take place at Holiday Inn in Pattaya.

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