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Part 2

When the arrangemants was made Nancy and all of the other staff on the top floor decorated the end of the hall, had a cake made and ice cream and held a little party. The boy thought he was going in his bed for another test and was happy to see his friends and to have a birthday party. Shortly after his birthday he became so ill and still no kidney. His last wish was to meet his favorite football player which happened to be Nancy's big brother Alan.

That really upset Nancy even though you're not suppose to get attach to a patient it happens. one of the boy's doctors told Nancy that was just being human. She told her parents she wished she could give one of her kidneys. When all three of her brothers heard about him. They talked to the team about going to visit him. The whole team did more than that. They all were tested and found out there were more children of different ages needing kidneys.

With it being off season there were ten children including that little boy who grabbed Nancy's heart. All ten children spent the night before their operations up on Nancy's floor with the team members who were donating their kidneys to them. One of the doctors wanted to know how the team found out about all of these children. Chester who was a match to the boy who had stolen Nancy's heart. He told him that his mother had told him that there was a group of children that her church group was asked to visit by a nurse.

When the doctor told him he wasn't trying to get anybody in trouble he was trying to find out because there was one more child in another hospital who needed a kidney and that the team's quarterback was a match to and he felt bad due to the fact that child was also going to die but the hospital she was in was on the other side of the state. The next day while those ten children was getting their new kidneys so was she. Alan flew to the other hospital.

Nancy went to the cafeteria for lunch and when she got onto the elevator she thought she had pushed her floor but in reality she pushed the button for the floor below and when it stopped and she got off and saw on both sides of the hall there was locked doors. On one door it read Psychiatric Ward and then the other side the door didn't have a sign. She noticed a guard with a gun.

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