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Part 2

After three months of employment at the hospital when most of the nursing staff was use to Francy some of them invited her to the bowling alley on one of her days off so they bowled then had dinner. Francy had a taco salad and a glass of ice tea. She knew the main floor, the basement where a lot of departments wereThe housekeeping laundry room, and cafeteria had the biggest rooms down there. Then there was exray and nucealur medicene unit where they conducted several tests.

The offices, Outpatient surgery, and the ER was on the first floor. In one of the add on buildings was doctor's office and a nice library. In the other add on building was more doctor's offices and the OB unit. On the main hospital floor there was a building connected to the corner which was the gift shop where you could buy flowers for the patients.

​When an outpatient Kidney Dialysis unit's patient became too ill to go home then Nancy received them up on the top floor. She was glad she didn't have to work the day shift.due to the fact that most of the patients receiving dialysis was well enough to go home then her bosses would pull her off of the floor to another floor. The out patient Kidney dialysis unit was seeing more critical patients. Nancy was glad that she wasn't working the day shift any more. The night shift was getting more of those patients.

That night was particulary hard because Nancy didn't have a child patient before. The patient had gotten sick several times so Nancy decided that she also needed to be seen in the ER. The girl didn't want to go down to ER without Fancy but Fancy couldn't leave the other patients un attended so she asked the nurse on the Cardiac side of the floor and was able to take a little time to accompany the boy down to the ER.

She learned if the little boy didn't get receive a kidney shortly he wouldn't make it to her eleventh birthday. she took her hand along with the girl's mother and prayed for a miracle. When the boy came back from the ER Nancy noticed an elderly man looking in on him. His features was so transparent that Nancy knew he had to be an angel of some kind

A week or so later the boy had improved that he was able to go home again. He hugged Nancy and promised that he would take his medicene and eat the things that he could have but wanted to know if he made it to his birthday if Nancy would come to his party. Nancy agreed to it. When the boy's eleventh birthday came around the boy was back in the hospital and Nancy noticed that at the end of the hall there was like a little area that was open and wouldn't be in any body's way so she called the girl's mother to the nurses station and asked if she could get ahold of her four or five best friends and invite them to the hospital for a party.

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