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Part 3

About a mile away was a Christian college which one of their buildings that housed classrooms was tore down plus one of the students sorority houses had the roof taken off. A couple of the students was caught on the second floor bathroom with no way out and needed a ladder truck of the local fire department to rescue them.. They weren't hurt just scared to death.

One driver in a taxi had a steel rod from somewhere that barely missed his heart but had went through his left shoulder and had him pinned into the seat. The rod was part of a street sign. The taxi had stopped at the intersection when the storm hit. There was no time to get out of the taxi to some place safe.

The firemen who came to the accident had to saw the rod off of the seat and had to put bags around his back to where the rod wasn't allowed to move either way and had to have surgery to remove the rod. If he had moved on his own at the time the storm hit he wouldn't have survived the ordeal.

‚ÄčThe next day Nancy was assigned to the ICU unit on the 3rd floor. where she saw several patients that had came in at ER during the storm. One of the ICU patient was the witness protection agent that had been shot during the storm. He was shot in the left side of his lung and was put on a respirator and his medical condition was still very grave. She met with the agent's daughter and told her how brave he was and very professional also he saved a lot of the patients lives that night.

She knew right then it didn't mean a lot to a seven year old girl but later in her life it would. As days went buy Fancy was able to release some of the ICU patients when their condition stabilized and improved enough to be moved into a regular room at the hospital. The lady whose leg had bent trapped in the storm lost her leg got a bad infection. The doctors had to amputated further up on her leg.

The man who had the swelling around his brain had to have a second surgery to relieve more pressure around his brain and didn't make it through the second surgery. The man who had been thrown around the building by the strong winds didn't make it through the third night before he past away.

The man who had the rod in his left shoulder recovered where he was able to go home. The firemen who had smoke inhalation did get better to where they were released with oxygen and wasn't able to return to work for several weeks.

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