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Part 3

During the storm lightning and a tornado hit one of the local Industrial Park Complex. There were several people that had been injured and seen in the ER and was able to go home, but there was three or four that had severe injuries caused by a tornado that hit a car seat factory causing car seats of all different sizes thrown around.

One woman had her legs trapped under a rack of single sized car seats and her left leg was so mangled that it had to be amputated.She also suffered from shock and hypothermia from the rain and being trapped for hours. One man had head trauma due to being hit in the head and was knocked unconscious and went into a coma. His head injury was so bad that he developed swelling around his brain. One man was so severely thrown around hitting different items and walls that he was on a respirator and wasn't expected to live.

The lightening hit a chemical plant and caught it on fire. One man had third degree burns over seventy percent of his body and his condition was very grave. One woman had chemical burns and had breathed in chemical fumes which burned her lungs and had to be put on a respirator also. Her condition was listed as very grave. The next few days would determined the outcome of their condition. Some of the firemen also was over come by the fumes. The cleanup was expected to take several days

An Amtrack train was derailed by another tornado and some of the cars dangled over a bridge for hours and a bunch of people had to be rescued , Three cars went over the bridge. into the river and forty passengers lost their lives. Some of the causalities were children and several was elderly passengers. The conductor of the train was one of them that had lost his life. The engineer was not injured. Then there were several people in cars that had injuries due to the cars being turned over.

One shopping mall was hit by an F2 tornado which tore the roof off of the second part of the mall which consisted of a couple of department stores. I was tossing the racks of clothes over the bannister onto people running on the bottom floor trying to get to cover. On the bottom floor of one section of the mall the storm was picking up furniture tossing them into a pile.

One customer just barely escaped from being pinned down by a flying van. The theater next door had chairs ripped out. A neighbor close to the mall found several pieces of outdoor furniture and a section of the theater seats in their back yard. They called the police department and an insurance adjuster told them to keep the items.

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