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Part 1

She knew at least since she was five when her grandfather got sick. She asked her mother what nurses did then she would pretend that her dolls was sick and would take care of them checking their temp, pulse, and B/P. Then she would give them shots and oral medication.

During one visit to the hospital to see her grandfather she saw them getting his weight so she started weighing her dolls pretending they were patients. Of course she would get on the scale and hold them. She got upset when her dolls didn't weigh that much. Her grandmother told her she was using the wrong scale. After that day she would use her grandmother's kitchen scale

She liked talking to her grandfather's nurses and found out there was so many different illnesses and a lot of them she couldn't even pronounced. She took a good long shower just to calm her jitters the evening before her first official day as a nurse. She was up extra early and double check herself in the mirror before leaving to go to work.

​During Nancy's orientation at lunch a nurses aide told her a story that the top floor had a ghost. Sometimes it sat in a rocker recliner making it squeak and other times you could see a outline of a person whom she said looked like a man. walking the halls with a cane and you could the tap of his cane. She thought that some body had put that aide up to this to try to scare her off so another nurse could have that position because it paid more than the other floor nurses.

​Nancy's first night she had to call the doctor of one patient three times and finally sent her down to the ER to see a doctor on call and it was determined that the person would be sent home with hospice that the hospital wasn't where the patient wanted to die. Nancy helped the aide get her ready for the ambulance ride home, followed by a hospice nurse.

​While the housekeeper cleaned the room Nancy thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye but when she turned in that direction there was nothing there.so she just chalked it up to all of the excitement of the night. When she got home she felt extremely tired that she was asleep.

In no time she had a dream about that story the aide had told her and woke up thinking that is what I saw out of the corner of my eye but still she was determined that she was staying on the top floor and was going to do the best job she could. She knew she had made the right call to ask the doctor if she could send the female patient to the ER to be seen by a doctor on call

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