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Part 1

After that he also tagged along with them. He even carried her bag to school. The group of five did a lot together until Tim found him a girlfriend. Tim was the oldest and was playing football. He was a pretty good running back. They both went down south after graduating from high school to attend a college that had given him a full scholarship

Then a couple of years later it was Alan's turn showing his abilities as another football player. This time the family had a good quarterback to go with the running back. During summer vacation their parents would sit on the back porch and watch them throwing and catching the ball.

Even their grandparents would say those two are going to become rich and not only provide for their family but us too. They had given up on Chester. Every one with the exception of Nancy. There wasn't anything wrong with Chester. He had a good heart but he wanted to play soccer instead of football. He was good.

He even knew that there wasn't that much money in playing soccer. He had made it onto the US Men's team and had won four World Championship He had enough money to live in his own little apartment. He had a girlfriend who was attending a nursing school in the Midwest. Chester was the first one to move to the Midwest.

They had a professional soccer team but they weren't interested in obtaining another team member but did let him try out. There was a person who was visiting the team's try out on that day who became very impressed in Chester's abilities. After the try out he approached Chester with a deal of a lifetime. To be their main team kicker. Chester told him he had two brothers who was trying to sign contracts with football teams.

By then her two oldest brothers hadn't signed contracts with any NFL team. That team in the Midwest took a look at them and signed them to play for them. All of the family relocated to the Midwest. There was a technical school where you could attend and get your nursing degree. All three brothers pitched in together and paid for Nancy's school. She studied hard to get her nursing degree.

After graduating from nursing school there was three hospitals that she applied to. The biggest hospital was located in the same city that her brothers played in but it scared Nancy to drive that far so she decided not to put her application in at certain hospital.

Nancy was hired at her local hospital for the day shift on the top floor which one side was for Cardiac patients. She had been assigned to the other side where patients who had kidney failure who were waiting for a kidney and having to stay there for daily dialysis. She had wanted to be a nurse for as long as she could remember.

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