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Part 1

Nancy Mackenzie was born to Jack and Elizabeth Mackenzie on Ole Hallows Eve in the town of Salem. She had reddish brown hair with brown eyes. She was the fourth child of the house hold. Her three siblings was quite a bit older.

Her brothers was suppose to walk her to school. They would run ahead of her making her run as fast as she could. She had asthma ever since she was two years old. Nancy tried to keep up with them but wasn't able to. One day she forgot her inhaler and sat on a park bench wheezing and trying to catch her breath. Her lungs was collapsing causing her to experience stabbing pain.

She tried to get up but wasn't able to. She laid down on the bench with her head on her backpac. She prayed to God to help her. An older lady was walking her dog and saw her turning blue around the lips. She was a nurse at the local hospital. She rushed to her side.

While taking her vitals she noticed her medical tag on her bag first then her bracelet. She couldn't find an inhaler but did noticed she had a brown lunch sack. She dumped the bag out then scrunched up the opening of the bag. She instructed her to breath into the bag then inhale gently back into her lungs while asking another person who saw what was going on to call 911,

They got her to the hospital in time to get Nancy help. When the principal heard she hadn't arrived to school he had the three boys sitting in his office. He pulled out an inhaler of his own and scolded them about not walking with her. He told them his inhaler saved his life several times. He asked them where was the last place they knew she was following them.

They admitted the last time they heard he call out please buddies come back was at the entrance of the park. The principal called the police and found out a young girl had been found in the park and was getting help at the hospital. After that day the boys didn't do that any more.

Yes they got grounded by their parents but they thought it was due to the fact she was the only girl and the youngest also their parents wanted them to walk her to school. All three boys like Principal Hamilton. When he told them how dangerous it was to play those kinds of games they knew he was telling them the truth

One year a boy who was fascinated with Nancy grabbed her school bag and started running away from her yelling come and get your bag but it's going to cost you a kiss, He was tackled by all three of her brothers. He didn't know what to think much less what to do. He told them he didn't know she had asthma he just wanted a kiss from her.

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