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Part 4

Nancy's next assignment was scheduled for the psych unit that had been relocated to the building below the hospital. Maybe she could find out the lady's name. She wondered if the guardian angel was the boy's grandfather. That night she looked in again on the boy and sure enough there was the guardian angel. She waited a few minutes then stepped in. The elderly man was gone. She asked the boy if her had any visitors that evening. He said yes grandpa Jim

Her next group of five or so patients were people who had glabladder surgery and was about to be released to go home.Nancy felt that she really did know what a working vacation it really was. She yarned half of the night from boredom. She found a free book site on her cell phone that she enjoyed reading short stories and that one of their authors had been a patient on the top floor at one time.

She thought that was really cool. She really enjoyed reading her stories.She had amazed her with about any subject and if Nancy hadn't studied so hard and wasnot one of the lucky ones who did have great grades and got a schoalarship for most of her nursing school that she thought of becoming a journalist for a newspaper or a mystery writer or something in that line but realized that she really was a hands on person. Patients on that floor change every two days to four days but usually wasn't there that long before they were discharged to go home.

‚ÄčThe next three or four patients that she was in charge of had been admitted for losing blood and had an upper GI and had surgery due to having really bad ulcers that had been operated on so that it wouldn't bleed anymore. The other side of the fourth floor was another lock down unit called the Alzheimers / Dementia unit. Dementia is different than Alzheimers. That was what she thought her mother had but she was glad that it wasn't.

It is one of the most financially costly diseases. Six percent of people older than sixtyfive is effected with Alzheimers. Loss of memory is one of the first signs of but can be confused with the regular memory loss when you get older. That is why doctors are the best people to diagnose the disease. Dementia is worse it affects people as early as in their forties There are different kinds of Dementia. Vascular Dementia affects twenty five percent of the people who are affected with Dementia, Lewy body Dementia affects fifteen percent of those diagnosed with the disease.

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