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Part 4

The supervisor of the nursing staff extended Nancy's ICU assignment for another four weeks. The supervisor told her she was very pleased with the way she was compassionate towards the patient and she would be a great nurse practitioner. She should consider it. It would be like a doctor in a way. She could write some orders, had a very good communication skills and the doctors liked working with her.

Her supervisor asked her again at the end of the four weeks if she had put any thoughts into her advice. Nancy replied that she had done nothing but that and yes she would like to bridge over to a Nurse Practitioner Her supervisor informed her to report to the fourth floor the next Monday.

The fourth floor was what all nurses and doctors called regular patients rooms and the nurses that worked that floor was nurses either bridging over to become Nurse Practitioner or LPNs or nurses ready for retirement and was teased a lot for working on that floor.so Nancy thought here comes all of the jokes but in reality after the eight weeks of a working in the ICU unit this assignment would be a breeze.

Nancy decide if any of the nurses or doctors teased her about her fourth floor assignment that she would tell them that she was new and didn't have a vacation coming so after the last few weeks she requested the working vacation that she had heard so much about but in reality she was assigned this unit to be able to bridge over to a Nurse Practitioner. She wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do when she became one but she thought maybe a cardiac doctor's office or one of the clinics. She thought of the urgent care clinic.

Her first few rooms that she was scheduled was the patients mostly children who had their tonsils taken out. Those children run her and the aides crazy with wanting ice cream to soothe their throats but then she remember how sore her throat was and told her nurses who was so lucky to still have their tonsils that she had her out and it really does leave the throats sore.

She encouraged her co-workers to be patient with them and that they usually is released in three days. One little boy told her one night that his grandfather had come to visit him. Nancy was talking to the boy's mother and happened to mentioned to her about she wished she had met his grandfather when he had came to visit him.

When his mother heard this from Nancy she became upset and told her that she must have had him and another patient mixed up because his grandfather had died here on the top floor about a year before and if her mother came to visit that she was not to tell her because she did not want her to relapse and have to be in the psych unit again for awhile.

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