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Part 1

“hello Mrs Johnson!!!! We are expecting you very soon ma’am” Debra shouted rolling off from the bed, putting on her slippers and walking towards the hanger

“is that Debra??” Sarah’s mum asked over the phone already sounding excited

“yes mum it is your naughty daughter from a different mother and no, you can’t speak with her. If you want to talk to her, call her on her phone, my credit is on the line here”

“you’re just jealous” Debra said, sticking out her tongue at Sarah and picking up her jacket from the hanger

“I’m going to call you later Mrs Johnson” Debra continued, zipping up her jacket

“she said she’d call you later mum. Wait till then”

“yes, I heard that, I’ld be expecting her call”

“Hold on mum” Sarah held the phone’s screen to her thigh and raised a questioning brow at Debra who was at the door to the room

“where are you going to??”

“Daniel is taking me out. He’s outside” Debra replied, her hand on the doorknob

“I think he wants to propose. I’d give you the deets when I’m back” she continued with excitement in her eyes

“wow!! Are u serious??”

“yup!! Take care. See you later in the evening. Send my regards to your mum” Debra said hurriedly as she shut the door outside behind her

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