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Part 1


“What time did u say your parents are arriving town tomorrow?” Debra asked, sprawled on a side of the bed with her phone in her hands

“They are scheduled to arrive at Johannesburg International airport by 1O’clock I think. I should give them a call. It’s been skipping my mind” Sarah replied, picking up her phone from the pile of folded clothes she had on her bed and typed her mum’s number offhand into the phone. Her mum picked on the third ring.

“hey baby” her mum sounded breathless on the phone

“hey mum, what’s up?” she replied, balancing the phone between her right ear and her shoulder.

“I’ve been up all night packing. Your dad didn’t even lift a finger and just expects me to get everything ready. Can u imagine?”

“hmmmn hmmmn, yes mum I do understand” Sarah replied, arranging the folded clothes into a compartment in the wardrobe she shared with Debra.

“what I don’t understand is why you still complain after twenty-three years. You should be used to it by now”

“you never get used to stress sweetheart, wait till you get married”

“well, that’s not something I plan on doing soon anyways so I don’t have to worry about the stress” Sarah said as the put the last piece of clothe in the wardrobe

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