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Part 2

“She would survive. She might have a headache for a while though” he gave her a kind smile, walking closer to her and placing his palm on her face and forehead as if to check her temperature. He then moved his hands to her eyes and checked them also.

“Everything seems okay. The only issue I sense might be dealing with the shock of what happened. Give her the meds now, the headache should start anytime soon.” He walked to the edge of her bed, picked up a card and scribbled some things on it. It was plain obvious she was in a hospital ward now but for what reason? What did the doctor mean by the shock of what happened? She saw a nurse she had not noticed before come over to her bed with a tray in her hands. She assumed the tray contained medications.

“What happened to me?” she finally worked out one of the questions that had been bugging her since she opened her eyes.

“You were involved in an accident dear” the ebony nurse replied, giving her a warm smile as she placed the tray on a table next to her bed. “I need to adjust the bed a bit to make it comfortable to use your drugs. I hope that’s okay” the nurse continued, already moving to adjust the lever wheel of the bed. Sarah noticed her left arm was bandaged as it felt heavier to lift. The nurse then walked to a far corner in the room, Sarah did not see what she was doing but when she came back, she had a glass of water in her hands and Sarah realized there was a water dispenser at the corner of the room the nurse just walked from.

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