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Part 2


Beep. Beep. Beep. The sound seemed like it was coming from a machine somewhere far away and it got louder with every repeated beep. She opened her eyes slowly and had to shut them back immediately as the bright white light pierced her eyes. Why would there be bright light in her room?

“I think she’s coming out of it” a male voice. Why was a man in her room?

“Sarah, are u awake? Can you hear me?” the same voice. Who was Sarah and why was the man asking if she was awake? Was she sharing her room with someone else? She tried to open her eyes slowly, testing the intensity of the light before finally opening them after they adjusted to the light. She opened her eyes to white walls with a fluorescent white bulb fixed at the edge of the wall, close to the ceiling. No wonder the light was blinding, too much whites.

“Sarah can you hear me?” she turned her eyes to the direction the voice was coming from and saw the unfamiliar face of an aging man wearing a lab coat.

“Blink if you can hear me” she blinked once, then twice as a reflex action. She looked the man up closely and noticed that he was going bald at the edges and he had streaks of grey hair in his hair. She let her eyes go down to the pocket of his lab coat and read what she assumed was his name printed at the top edge. Dr. Robinson. So he was a doctor, explains why he had a lab coat on.

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