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Part 3

“Mum?” she called out

“Yes baby? You need something?” her mum stopped and turned with a questioning expression on her face

“Do you think the rest of the family hates me too? The Botha family I mean”

“Oh my God! Baby they don’t. Why would u even think that?” her mum’s eyes were as wide as saucepans now as she walked briskly over to where she was and wrapped her arms around her “they don’t hate you, they understand it was a mistake. The both of you were best friends, why would anybody ever think you would want to hurt her on purpose…?” her mum smoothed her hand over her hair and drew her closer “…that scene with Ben happened because he was in pain and still mourning his sister’s death. He doesn’t hate you, the family doesn’t hate you.” her mum finished with a slight pat on her shoulder

“Well, I hope you’re right. I really don’t want to go through what happened with Ben with the whole family. It hurt” her mum released her from the embrace and looked at her with warm, kind eyes

“If you want, we could check in to a hotel if it really bothers you” Sarah gave a small sigh and was about to reply when the door to the room opened and her father came in, walking behind him was her doctor and Mr Botha.

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