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Part 4


Ever since the ‘little’ scene with Ben at the hospital, Sarah hadn’t really admitted to anyone but she really dreaded another meeting of that sort with him. Though deep down she knew that he wasn’t a bad person and that most of his statements that day were fueled by the pain of the loss of his only sister, it didn’t make the words hurt less. The dread that filled her heart wasn’t that of the possibility of Ben doing something crazy like hitting her or attempting to kill her; nothing of that sort. Instead she feared for the impact of the next hurtful accusatory words that would come out of his mouth that she was sure would pierce her heart. She didn’t think she could survive another murder accusation. Now standing before her was the same person she didn’t want an ‘encounter’ with, an unreadable expression on his face and she could feel herself trembling. She didn’t think the next accusation was going to come this early. Taking in a deep breath, she braced herself for the harsh words she was sure were coming and decided to speak up first, better to get it over with

“Hello Ben” she barely heard her own voice

“Hey….” He avoided eye contact with her, looking at every other place in the room “…how are you, how are you settling in?” he stuttered

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