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Part 5

Aron's POV

A streak of sunlight peered in between the curtains and knocked me out from my slumber. And I woke up, rubbing my bleary eyes and walked straight to the window to witness the most beautiful view of the Lake Michigan, with the rising sun casting a rosy hue across the sky. I quickly finished my morning duties and started to go for a quick run along the lakefront trail.

The lake waters calm me relieving from all stress, boosts my energies, and brings in new aspirations. I travel a lot due to our business set up but I have no idea why I feel like making Chicago as my permanent base; it feels home to me.

It's been years yet my heart still aches for her, I had lost not only my parents but also my BFF. We were so naïve then, never realized what was happening around us that fateful day. Why blame her alone, my mind chided me.

I too was angry, sad and lost my sanity when we had that ugly fallout. Little did I know that I was seeing her for the last time and I am going to lose her forever. No one could take her place in my life; she was my best friend and the only person with whom I shared everything . My eyes were glossy and I stopped near a bench, shutting my eyes for a few minutes. After regaining my composure, I returned back to the penthouse.

I was about to press the doorbell, but Martha opened the door; she always knows the moment I am about to enter. She smiled and greeted me – 'Good Morning Aron, please freshen up, and come fast, your breakfast is ready. You do remember what day is it, right?'

'Good morning Martha! Yes, I know, the award night.' – I smiled cheekily at her and went to my room.

I took a warm shower and came out in my bathrobe, humming some random tune.

I got dressed in a crisp cotton white shirt, black pants, with a casual waistcoat and black coat. I wore my Tissot watch, placed my wallet in the pocket, and picked up my laptop bag, heading towards the dining area.

Martha saw me coming, she took the bag from me and asked my chauffer to keep it in the car.

I took a plate, added some fresh fruits, cereals and a brown bread toast with a glass of mixed fruit juice. Martha insisted me to take some more but this was sufficient.

Martha complained – 'Nowadays, my dear son is not at all eating properly and overloaded my plate with 2 boiled eggs.'

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