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Part 4

Erica's POV

Time froze. I went blank and was lost, being oblivious to my surroundings. Did she mean 'HIM'? I felt a tsunami of mixed emotions that were hidden deep inside my heart.

Clara shook me and pulled me out of my trance. Acknowledging her, I stepped out of my car, locked and walked towards the mall entrance. Clara followed right behind me, waiting for my reaction as I avoided her gaze.

'Erica, wait and listen to me.' Clara called out. I stopped outside Claire's and Michel Kors outlet. I asked her - 'Where to go - jewellery or handbag?'

She sighed - 'We can check both, but could you hold on for a sec and hear me out?'

'I don't know who are you talking about, Clara. Let's just get this gift thing done. I may have to go back to the hospital too.' - I told her with a hardened expression on my face.

We were greeted by a young girl as soon as we entered the store who showed us the latest collection of earrings, bracelets and rings.

Clara kept mum and didn't bother to give her suggestions on anything that she showed.

Finally, I chose a simple yet exquisite bracelet that had an elegant girly charm. The sleek make and vibrant colours of emerald green and rose gold made it the more alluring. The Swarovski elements embedded in a crescent-shaped stud threw enough sparkle that will certainly compliment her bright smile.

August is the fashionista of our gang, a jewelry designer by profession; I was sure she would love this ethnic design which gives a modern look to the bracelet.

My eyes fell on a Michel Kors truffle-colored shoulder bag which was put on display and went inside the store to check it out. It was designed in a slouchy shape, detailed with polished hardware, had 2 snap compartments, a secure zip pocket, and also held their signature logo-print canvas. Clara too liked it and signalled me to go ahead with it. So, we bought the MK shoulder bag which belonged to their latest collection and I was sure that August will love it. She loves collecting different types of bags, purses, etc. and owns a huge collection.

I was relieved that we settled on her gifts and the cake was made to order from her favourite Simma's bakery.

The whole time Clara just replied curtly and was keeping to herself. We headed to Starbucks next and ordered a Caramel Frappuccino Grande for Clara and a Chai Tea Latte Grande for myself as I was on the verge of getting a headache, and took a corner seat.

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