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Part 3

'Let's book a theme resort and chill this weekend. We can spend some quality time together and will get a cake and a gift for her. All of us are so stressed due to work, it will be a much-deserved break. We can ask Max to bring her there directly.' – suggested Clara.

'We are in.' – Zac happily announced after exchanging looks with Lee.

'Okay, then let's choose the resort and Clara, you can get the cake.' – I said. Clara nodded and said – 'We both will go gift shopping today after work.'

'I will try to wind things asap but I can't promise.' I told her because these days a lot of emergency cases have been coming in.

She sighed and we saw both Lee & Zac were already looking for resorts.

'Lee, don't you have to go for your rounds?' – I glared at him and Zac too.

'Hey, I still have 15 mins left, I will leave in another 10 mins.' – Lee replied.

'Ok. Zac, come with me, I need you to read a case study'. – I said.

Zac shrugged while Lee and Clara giggled. Clara too left for her meeting with the Admin Head while I took the file and handed over to Zac saying - 'Read this carefully and I want you to make a report on it with your observations, remarks and plan of action. Ok?'


Everyone was busy in their work and we didn't realise it was already 6 pm. Clara called me and said she was waiting for me outside. Lee was done with his work and met me on the way to my cabin.

'Hey Lee, can you drop Zac at home today? I am taking my car to the mall.' I asked Lee.

'You don't have to ask me, you know that; Zac is my brother too, no formalities, Erica.' – Lee told me. Yes, I knew he will drop him home, I didn't need to ask him but still I don't like taking undue advantage of my best friends.

'Zac, I am going to the mall and Lee will drop you home.' – I informed him as we both entered the cabin.

Zac nodded gleefully and handed over me the report. I smiled at him, knowing both the guys have already planned something and that something is nothing but playing X-Box.

I kept my stuff in the proper place, took my purse, locked my cabin and left for the day.

I saw Clara waiting for me in the parking area. I waved at her and unlocked my car, and both of us sat inside. I started the engine and drove out of the hospital towards the mall.

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