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Part 3

Lee asked – 'So, Zac what's your plan for today?'

'Umm how about we have a guy's day out?' – mocked Zac and I smacked him.

'Lee, can you show Zac around the hospital and just explain how things work. I have some work in the OPD. After lunch, Zac will be with me and you can take care of your surgery.

'Sounds good. Let's get going Zachy. I can't believe soon you will be a doctor and I am sure you will be a great one.' - said Lee.

Zac gave me a quick hug and just then Clara, my close friend entered my cabin. She is an MBA but she is into hospital and healthcare management. Often, she visits the hospital officially; its good to meet her today as recently we have not been able to catch up.

'Hey guys, wassup? Hey Zachy, good to see you to-be-doc.' Clara exclaimed seeing them and gave me a bear hug.

'Erica, where have you been? Why can't we get together just like old times? Work is crazy and none of us was able to catch up in the last 2 months.' – said Clara.

'Yeah, this is the longest time we have stayed apart and not met each other. Well, let's catch up during lunch break and we need to plan something for August's birthday.' – I said casually.

'Oh no, we still haven't got her a gift yet.' – Clara said. Both the guys were just looking back and forth at us.

The nurse came in and called me for an emergency. Hence, we decided to meet and discuss during lunchtime and I rushed to the O.T.

After 45 mins, I was out of the O.T and thankfully the patient's condition got stabilized. I decided to freshen up and went for my rounds.

By the time I got free, it was already 1.30 pm and I saw all three – Clara, Lee and Zac waiting in my cabin with food.

The three of them glanced at me and Zac said – 'Finally you are here, I am famished and wanted to eat mine, but these guys didn't let me eat.'

I settled on the chair and asked Zac to start eating his food. Zac loves burgers and so he got one for himself and Lee. Clara and I had quinoa bowl.

As we were having our lunch, I asked – "What should we do for August this time? Did anyone check with Max?'

Lee, August, Clara and Max have been our pals since childhood and they also moved here with us. Though Zac is younger to us, he simply enjoys being with them. Zac is a bit reserved guy and doesn't have many friends here, so my gang is his gang too and so he is a part of every plan. Zac, Lee and Max are the three musketeers of our gang. Whenever these three unite, they drive each one of us crazy and our CCP gets transformed into a madhouse on fire.

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