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Part 3

Once the BMW started rolling in action, Erica turned towards Zac, who was busy adjusting his hair using the front mirror. Zac saw Erica staring at him and smirked.

'Tell me, what do you want?' – Erica asked Zac keeping her eyes on the road ahead.

'You know it, sissy! I want to visit the hospital today and observe, learn how things work. You know, I have started my internship but the chief is on leave. Every time you deny but not anymore, no more excuses; I am coming with you.' – Zac said all of this in one breath.

I simply grinned at him.

"Is that a yes?" – asked Zac.

"Yes, my dear baby brother, provided you follow my instructions.'- I replied.

'Great! Hey, don't call me baby bro anymore, I will soon be a fulltime doctor just like you. And it can be Zac in front of your colleagues too but I would prefer Dr Zachary Cooper.' – Zac added.

Shaking my head, I focused on my driving. I was amused at his antics but at the same time, I was so pleased to see his passion for learning medicine in a practical environment.

He too had joined 'Clinton's Multispecialty Hospital' for his internship in ortho department as he was specializing in Orthopedics but the chief doctor was off work and so gave him to 2-3 days break before joining as an intern.

Clinton's was the best hospital in town and I was on cloud nine when I was offered a job in the hospital. Since I was the 'Head of Cardiology Department', I could get him the pass easily. I have been working with Clinton's as a cardiologist for a few years now and everyone here is supportive to me.

We reached the hospital entrance and Zac was about to get down when I strictly told him – 'No pranks, Zac. No trespassing or flirting with female staff, am I clear? If I find you doing something that is not acceptable, then immediately you shall go back home.' Zac nodded and we both got down. I gave my keys to the security guard for parking and took the elevator to my floor.

As soon as we stepped out of the elevator, I went towards the reception and we were greeted by Dr Lee, who is my colleague and a friend.

Lee gave a hi-fi to Zac and they both hugged each other tightly. Lee grinned at him and said – 'Looks like someone convinced the officer.'

I narrowed my eyes at them and walked towards my cabin. I could hear both of them laughing and following me.

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