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Part 2


After Erica and Zac left in their car, Rosie rushed towards Cecelia. Cecelia understood what Rosie is going to bring up but she was calm and cool.

Rosie said to Cecelia – 'Gamma, I hope you do realize that Erica has started getting the visions, which means the time has come to unfold the episodes of the past.'

Cecelia replied – 'Rosie, do not call me that, you are a dear friend. I know what you are talking about, but still, there is time. However, that moment will arrive sooner without a doubt. Until then, we have to take care of her as those dreams & visions will be quite disturbing for her, as we saw her state this morning. It will be difficult for her yet she has to acknowledge it herself and unveil the true power that lies hidden within her and above all, she has to shoulder the responsibility of her kingdom, her pack.'

Rosie said – 'Let us enlighten her with herself, we have already waited this long. It's time to return to the land of Moonstone and take control of everything.'

'Rosie, let's not rush things. There's a right time for everything. I assure you that very soon you and the pack will meet their alpha'- saying this Cecelia left towards her study and Rosie nodded and went to continue with her regular work.

Inside the study, Cecelia pondered over what she saw this morning, Erica's distressed face flashed in front of her. She knew soon her granddaughter will be asking her several questions and she needs to answer them. Cecelia closed her eyes and her brows were knitted as the memories of the past clogged her mind.

Cecelia too had gone through a lot, she witnessed her family shattering, their friendship splitting and the collapse of their kingdom. After all, she lost her dear daughter-in-law Emily Cooper, who was the Luna of Moonstone pack and an eminent paediatrician. The Cooper family was a big-name; they were the kindest and noblest people, who were adored by all. Cooper's and Layton's had a strong friendship, they were not just family friends but their ancestors were related too.

A tear flickered through her eyes as she thought about those good old days and how far they have come now. She picked up her phone and dialled a number, her phone went unanswered. She decided to try once again, hoping this time someone will answer her call. After 8 rings, a dull voice answered her.

'Hello' – said the voice. Cecelia couldn't control her tears on hearing her son Albert's voice after so many years.

She took a minute to grip herself before speaking. 'How are you, my son?'

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