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Part 1

Erica Ivy Cooper POV

I saw two silver statues of wolves in an upright position with their heads held up high, facing the sky as if they were about to howl, instead, I could see blue water popping out of their mouth and flowing smoothly around the gorgeous fountain. I could see butterflies, hear birds chirping, feel serene and there was a different aura to it.

The fountain was placed in the center of what looked like a garden, umm no jungle or dense forest. Before I could appreciate the astounding beauty of this place and figure out where exactly is this; flames started dancing in the air. All that my eyes saw was flames, flames and flames; I could hear several voices of people and wolves, running vigorously here and there to escape and few trying to douse the flames. I saw wildfires spreading rapidly than one could control. Suddenly, I felt the heat, the panic and fear engulfed me, as always.

Just then my stupid alarm shrieked and I woke up with a start, blinking my eyes, panting, sweating, looking around and trying to soothe myself.

‘All is well, all is well, ...’ I chanted repeatedly to calm down myself and I banged its head to stop that buzzing sound.

I could feel two pairs of sparkling eyes standing at the door of my room and watching me in amusement. It was my baby brother Zac aka Zachary Cooper who simply enjoys troubling his sister, nevertheless, we love each other so much that we can’t stay apart. Before I could react, he picked up the jug of water on the bedside table and threw all over me and started laughing.

I was in a complete mess. I started shouting at him and running behind him. Just like that, our Tom & Jerry show began. We were throwing pillows at each other and making the neat room messy. This time I wanted to catch him, yet again, he was successful in not getting caught by me.

We both stopped for a second as we heard a knock at the door and saw our granny Cecelia glaring at both of us, for cluttering the entire room within a few minutes.

Standing alongside her, was our head cook, Rosie, sighing and smiling, she said to both of us – ‘freshen up quickly and come to the dining area, breakfast is ready.’ Rosie always took good care of all of us and loved us immensely. She has always been by granny's side ever since we moved here.

I pouted and said to Cecelia – ‘Gran, Zac alone is responsible for all of this. He has spoiled my room.’ I hugged her and she kissed my forehead lovingly. And Zac shrugged saying – ‘Gran you always side with her, no one loves me here.’ This is his standard monologue which he uses on us to get away with his pranks.

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