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Part 2

Firinne is rated 18+ Contains: (Sexual scenes, coarse language, and acts of violence.)

Only half of the book will be published here for feedback prior to full book release on Amazon in the near future.

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July 1984


‘C’mon, Matt, get in there. This little lot has cost me a fucking mint so far!’

Matt swallowed hard. He was bricking it, but then why wouldn’t he? Andy and the others may have had little concern about performing in front of a crowd, in fact as far as they were concerned it was all part of the night's entertainment. But now that it was his turn he was wondering if this was such a good idea after all. Initially, when Andy had suggested it, it had excited him to the point of euphoria, promising to be one of the best nights of his life. But now the night had finally arrived, he was suffering from a huge dose of the jitters and not because of what his fiancée Lindsay may have thought. He hadn’t given her a single thought all evening. What he was worried about was having to perform in front of this lot, all of his best mates. It was bad enough that the few girlfriends he had had to date, had laughed when he had whipped out his equipment and held it at them like some inadequate garden hose. Lindsay had done the same until she showed him the ropes. So the thought of acting out his little fantasy in front of Andy and the crew was softening him by the second, but he knew they would crucify him if he backed out now. Andy wasn’t a complete bastard he reasoned, he had some hope, with him being best man and all. After all, hadn’t he gone and organised this whole event just for him, promising him the night of his dreams? Well in fairness to Andy, he had delivered his end of the bargain, so now finally it was his turn, and knowing Andy he would expect wholehearted participation. Willingness to partake was not the problem, it was the audience that was causing him distress as he knew they would rip his performance apart. Now that the weekend had arrived, he wanted to make sure he would remember this night for the rest of his life. After all, he needed some sweetener for putting up with the last two years, never mind getting shackled to Lindsay till death they do part. He loved her, that wasn’t the issue, but had to admit he had been far more excited about this night than the big day next week. And to be honest who could blame him. Lindsay and her friends had had a field day choosing that organza, this lilac, that lace. He had been bored to tears by the whole marriage malarkey. So when Andy said he was organising a stag to remember, he knew Andy would deliver. And in fairness he hadn’t let him down. Asking straight up what he wanted, what was his strings, no dramas. And he told him...he wanted a red-head. And not your run-of-the-mill "bottle red" types either. He wanted the real McCoy. He had always wanted to taste red and up until now never quite had the opportunity. Lindsey, though pretty in her own way, didn’t quite have the "three amigos" as he liked to call them...tits, legs and ass, she also didn’t have the red hair he fantasized so much about. But even so, he could still rise to the occasion when needed. Make no mistake, his Lindsey was lovely, but she had smaller tits than a robin, shorter legs than his Nan’s VCR stand, and a nose that entered the room before the rest of her face caught up. So he wanted his final unmarried shag to be momentous and absolutely unforgettable. How else was he going to perform for the foreseeable with Lindsay, without this sweet little memory to get him through the years ahead? And now that the moment had finally arrived he wanted to savour every moment of it. Watching the creamy-skinned red-head sprawled on the bed, thighs apart, large breasts poured into a tiny green satin bra, he let his hungry eyes devour the image. He couldn’t wait to taste her. Slowly at first, before pumping her long and hard. First though, he had to get rid of Andy and the others. Besides, they had had the other girl to entertain them most of the night, and now it was his turn. Granted, the dark-haired one was prettier than the red head, with her long black hair, hanging down the length of her back and the bluest eyes he had ever seen, but she was sallow and tit-less, just like his Lindsay. Definitely not his type.

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