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Part 3

Chapter One

Ten years later

Eranmore, Co Cork

Mia stepped into the room and cast her eyes over the stained and scarred mahogany desk. Although cluttered with stacks of files, she saw some movement behind it. It took a moment for her to recognise the navy woollen blazer stretching across the hunched broad shoulders. But it was the tufts of hair, now greying and curling down over the collar that brought a smile to her lips. ‘Doc?’ she called, straining her neck over the desk.

‘Gimme two secs….two secs, now...’ he groaned, rising slowly.

'Doc, is that you?' she said. Mirroring her surprise, she watched him squint refocusing on who was standing in front of him.

‘Good God, if it isn’t yourself!’ he flushed heaving himself out of his seat reaching for her hand.

‘You remember me then?’ she said, clutching his hand squeezing tightly.

‘How on earth could I forget?’

‘Well, the prodigal one returns,’ she laughed.

‘So I heard, and a married woman too,’ he smiled, his heavy jowls shaking as he acknowledge her. ‘Mia, how long has it been…?’ he asked.

‘Too long,’ she sat, pulling the chair toward the desk.

‘I’d have known you anywhere,’ he smiled.

‘I thought you’d be long gone by now...from here, I mean,’ she specified.

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