Fatal Obsession (Part 2, page 1 of 7)

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Part 2

~Chapter 2~

The door opens and Aaron Martin walks into the room in a black tuxedo and a briefcase. He is my lawyer. He better be good at getting me out of this mess or he will end up just like all of the others.

Everyone says I am crazy and sick minded but every single person's death happened because they deserved it. They can’t possibly prove that I did anything. I didn’t even do anything...or did I??

They call me the insane. The lunatic. The copy-cat. Everyone died just like in a famous horror movie but some of them had their own twist on it. Some killed themselves without a hand laid upon them. It wasn’t my fault. I did not cause their death. They did when they failed to correct their mistakes. They payed the price. They didn’t do something right.

I watched them. I watched for days and days. Sometimes even weeks without them even noticing someone was watching them. Some just didn’t see the clues and some just chose not to obey the orders but they got what came to them. It’s like Karma but even worse. Well, worse for them but better for me. I get the feeling of satisfaction when killing somebody. It feels like you're conquering the world. Really, it does. You should try it sometime?

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