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Part 3

~Chapter 3~

Eight years passed by and I turned sixteen years old.

Dear Diary,

This diary is my birthday present from when I was younger but I never seemed to use it until now. I was told I can pour my feelings on all of the pages and no one could ever see the true me. No one could ever see the real reason I killed both of my parents. Today is my 16th birthday and my best friend who is more like my sister, Aileen Walters, is helping me host my Sweet 16 party. I have invited my entire school so I hope everyone comes. I live in a huge mansion with my dad, Police Officer from when I was eight named Jeydon Mathis. He has been the best father to me that I could ever have. Even better than my biological father. We have a pool about the size of my school’s gymnasium. I just started going to Jasper High School like 3 months ago and I am already considered the most popular girl in school. Go figure. Some of the boys just fell under my spell. There is only one guy I actually like but I doubt he likes me back. His name is Tobias Jacobs. He has bright ice blue eyes and long brown hair that sweeps over his forehead just perfectly. There is a heart birthmark on his right shoulder that is just adorable. He is tall but not too tall and he is muscular. He is the most popular guy in school but I still feel like I will never have a chance with him. He is really smart. Straight out one hundred percentage in every single class. He is just so freakin PERFECT. I make straight A’s as I have some of the seniors do my homework for me. I am a sophomore so I have been running this game for quite some time now just in different schools. Anyways, my sweet 16 is going to be the best. Everyone will have so much fun it’s ridiculous. Loud music playing throughout the entire house. Pool outside with neon lights illuminating the bottom of the pool. Obviously there will be refreshments and drinks if you know what I mean. Only the finest wine in the kitchen. Vodka and fireball and more drinks along with punch for the sober kids. We have chips of all kinds, a chocolate fountain next to rice krispies, strawberries, and ice cream in a cold freezer. We have rooms upstairs for whatever needs my guests want to use them for as long as they clean up whatever mess they make. You name it I’ve got it at my party and if I don’t have it, I will go get it. My party will be lit. It will be sick. BEST PARTY EVER will be the headtitle of the next newspaper report and all over every social media account known to man. OMG I so can’t wait for tonight. Well write ya l8r.

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