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Part 1

~Chapter 1~

Batman knocks on my door at around three in the morning in his shiny black and yellow costume asking to sleep over… AT MY HOUSE!!! Can you believe it. BATMAN AT MY FRONT DOOR!!! I let him in obviously because Batman is my idol. Batman is the best person in the entire universe no matter what anybody says or does to attempt to change my mind. Lots of people say superman is better but obviously they are totally wrong. They are missing the bigger picture and the facts that prove Batman to be superior to Superman. He slept on my couch and was most probable to be gone when I woke up the next morning.

Did that beginning paragraph lead you on to want the need of reading the rest of this book? Yeah, that is what I thought. It is okay to keep reading. I mean i’m not going to stop you from your desire to continue on but i’m warning you, you might want to start looking at your friends more often and paying attention to what they really do. Will they want the desire of killing you next? Watch out. So, I am going to stop stalling and get to the story. Come on now. I know you want to keep reading. Do not quit on me now. Here is the story. Beware of your friends and enjoy.

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