Fabula Amoris (Part 2, page 1 of 2)

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Part 2

She woke up with a start. Seryca had been dreaming about her past life again. At least, that’s what her mother liked to call them anyway. Ever since she was 8 years old Seryca had dreams about a beautiful woman with long black hair and light blue eyes that seemed to carry a deep sadness.

Every night Seryca would see the lady in her dreams, hugging her knees in a long deep blue dress with black trims, crying her heart out. Seryca always wants to comfort her but when she tries all she ends up doing is hugging her and taking all that sadness upon herself. So she cries with the lady for there is too much sadness for Seryca to take. All she can do is share the burden with the lady.

Through the lady sadness, Seryca learnt many things about her. Like how she only has her brother left as family and every time she tries to speak to him her voice won’t work.

Seryca got up out of bed and went to turn off her alarm clock. When she was in her school uniform, she went down stairs and was greeted by the smell of freshly made eggs with bacon on the side.

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