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Part 3

When Seryca got to school she greeted her friends and teachers but when she was about to sit down for class to start, the room suddenly went dark.

“A power outage? This early in the morning?” Seryca’s friend Kerau said.

“I guess Mysteria came early… Ill go see what he’s up to this time.” Seryca replied with a sigh.

The teachers had given Mysteria permission to have his own personal lab in the basement of the school. They always say that he is the ‘Einstein’ of this generation; a prodigy in the makings. If he is given a paragraph of something in a text book, all he has to do is read at it once, then he can re-write it by memory word for word. Even of a month passed and he never read it a second or third time he would still be able to write it word for word perfectly.

Seryca walked down the stone steps of the castle-like school that led down to the basement. A bright light was emanating from the room were Mysteria’s lab was located at the end of the hall. Seryca entered the room to find Mysteria staring at what the light seemed to be coming from, entranced.

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