DR.ROMANTIC BASKAR (Part 12, page 2 of 48)

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Part 12

“I think they have confidence in me and treated me a real doctor. They are scared of her when she disgorged blood (Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth)”

“Oh, poor creature!” sympathized Siva and continued questioning him how he treated the case medically.

Baskar revealed his medical knowledge and recounted how he diagnosed the case.

“What a tremendous arch liar he is!” exclaimed Sivasankar but he didn’t divulge out what he doubted. Then he bobbed his head and with a smile on his face,” Do you require any help for her from the team of our doctors in our college?”

“Yes, uncle. I suggested this to her parents to come and visit our college doctors.”

“Good. Shyamala contacted me through her cell phone and conveyed that you’re absent in the morning and so I doubted whether you are not feeling well. But on the contrary, you handled the case as a doctor. Glad to hear it, my dear boy.”

“As a doctor, I did but not actually a doctor because I haven’t completed the course yet.”

“Though you haven’t completed the course, yet you handled the case as a doctor, isn’t it?

“Yes, uncle.” Replied Baskar.

“But what I feel is, you need not go to the patient’s house but let them come and get treatment from your home. Am I right?”

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