DR.ROMANTIC BASKAR (Part 12, page 1 of 48)

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Part 12


Shyamala was surprised to see Baskar in the Library and she wondered how he changed his countenance as if he were very innocent and sincere in his studies.

“Excuse me!”

Baskar raised his head from the book and saw Shyamala keeping her eyes peeled at him with a mischievous smile and added,” Did you have a special class outside the college this morning?”

Baskar sussed out why she resented behind the curtain of mischievous smile .It’s a great escape from the deluge of questions from Sivasankar when he entered into his room but he was surprised to see the calm and quiet appearance of Sivasankar who, on seeing him with confused mind, and asked him,” Are you unwell today for you were absent to the college?”

“I am in the pink of health, uncle. But my mother ordered me to call at Mrs. Ramanathan’s house and give medical advice to Ms. Vidhya Kiran who was suffering from throat infection. I prescribed medicine and so it was very late.”

Sivasankar simulated as if he were affected by his words. “Alas! It’s unfortunate that she has been afflicted by throat infection. Didn’t they have any other doctor to consult nearby their residence?”

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