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Part 7


A few days before the arrival of Mrs. Lakshmi – Ragavachariyar to her native village, Mahendrapuram in view of renovation of her dilapidated house, our P.E.T, Goundamani, was returning from the Mandghani River and he received a call from his school.

“Hello, Goundamani, Sir?” a female voice was heard in annoying tone.

“Yes; I’m Goundamani, Rekha.”

“Sir, will you please be kind enough to come to my home? Rekha was about to weep.

“What’s the problem, Rekha?” Goundamani asked anxiously.

“”No time to explain to you, Sir. I’m alone with serious husband. Please come soon.”

“Okay, I will come soon. Don’t worry.”

Mrs. Rekha was a P.E.T in that Government School and she had no children. Her husband was a V.A.O but was a drunkard. She was facing all kinds of difficulties with her husband who inebriated always. (Become drunk or drink excessively) and her connubial bliss was hardly attained by her and he always picked a quarrel with her. She felt her life a hell. Under this circumstance, her husband was very serious. So she called him for his help.

As soon as he reached home, Goundamani became busy in dressing for school by which Indhumathi, his wife was surprised and asked him, “What a surprise! Today you seem to be very active. What’s the reason?

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