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Part 6


Peripetia= A sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of circumstances

The Rites of Passage ceremony of Menarche of Meenah was celebrated very simply with ten Sumangalis from that apartment.

In the Part –V- Romantic Mettle of Meenah, readers would have studied how Sunder had relationship with out Astrologer’s family and how Meenah gave her consent to sleep with him in absence of her mother, Lakshmi who had gone to her native village, Mahendrapuram in connection with the construction of her old house while Baskar was out of station.

It was Saturday.

After taking bath, Sunder went to the nearby temple and prayed to the Almighty piously. His present problem was how to vacate his room to inhabit into a better resident where he was given free accommodation.

Previous day, he was offered a Home Tuition to a college student, that too, a girl student whose mother tempted him to accommodate a large room freely on condition that he should take tuition class whenever her daughter wanted him to teach.

The student’s name was Moghana Sundhari, B.Sc. (Maths) Final Year student, whose father was a Railway employee, Gazette rank officer while her mother was the Manager of a bank. She was only the daughter to them

and she was doated very much. Moreover, they offered him whatever the amount he required but they wanted him to teach their daughter effectively so that she should get University rank.

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