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Part 8


Alas! it's a heart-rending tragic life of Rekha whose conjugal adversity came to an end with her death. Goundamani as an accomplice to Rekha, met his end by her drunkard husband who in his wrath slew him as he plotted against him.

All staff members except Rekha and Goundamani were present and when it came to the notice of the Headmaster of the Government school, he made an enquiry to the bosom friends of Goundamani and Rekha for their French leave. Already there was a rumour that Rekha had fornicated with Goundamani and it was confirmed by the conjectural views of their friends who told him that they had seen them often meeting in night clubs. Moreover they attributed also that they had admonished them not to behave like that but despite their admonition, they were slaphappy. The Headmaster wanted to have a final round of enquiry before taking action against them for not informing him the leave of absence. He sent his peon to bring Santha immediately and he brought Santha to his chamber in five minutes.

Santha was surprised when he asked about her father:” Did your father say anything to you to convey me?”

Santha shook her head. “No, Sir.”

“Has he gone anywhere?

Do you know? He is absent. So we ask you.” the Headmaster looked at her eyes.

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