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Part 4



PROPRANOLOL-After administering this medicine, Santha of Mahendrapuram was convalescing and was absent to school for a week.

The Friday Morning dawned and all the girls residing in the Agraharam of Mahendrapuram used to take oil bath at their bath-rooms but not bathe in the Mandhagni River because they didn’t dare to skinny-dip overtly

The bedroom in which Santhi used to sleep was spacious and sunlit with all comforts. The rays of the sun permeated through the sunglass and embraced Santhi en déshabillé who was in her night gown without blanketing her body in a way that her night gown seemed to shrink itself so as to expose her thighs. If her night gown would be pulled up a few inches, then it would be known that she was devoid of wearing briefs, thus exposing her constricted labia. Moreover, she was lying on the spacious bed supinely by which the contour of her spathic and tactile breasts was being exposed to the sunlit room. Though her eyes were closed it was not meant that she was sleeping. Her mind was reverberating (Have a long or continuing effect) by an event that took place during the last night and she could not know whether it was dreamy or real..

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