DR.ROMANTIC BASKAR (Part 5, page 1 of 43)

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Part 5


The broad street in Thirur was deserted and a patrol jeep was passing slowly the apartments in which Baskar and his family were residing.

Our astrologer was as usual in deep slumber and he was kipping while his daughter Meenah, like an insomniac patient, was keeping in vigil like agrypnia and she engaged herself in smsing and her face was radiant and a cute smile spread across her face.

Meenah was found herself lying prostrate on the bed and sending sms to her fella, a young man namely, Sundar our deuteragonist, a tenant residing in the fourth floor of that apartment and he was responding to her sms.

He was a Professor in Mathematics working in R.M.K. College, Thirur and had been residing for six months in her apartment. When Lakshmi came to know that he was also a native of Thirur and a Brahmin boy, she agreed to give him two Bed room, one kitchen and one hall in the fourth floor as a renter.

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