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Part 9


In the last chapter readers studied that Baskar and his parents and Meenah stayed in the mansion of Sivasankar after outing. All were dead tired and were sleeping deeply except Shyamala and Baskar.

Shyamala was ruminating the incidents that occurred in the hilly resort where Baskar sexed with her even though she was running menstrual period. Sometimes she hallucinated that Baskar opened the door of her bed room, tiptoed towards her bed, pulled the blanket up, and then lifted the edge of her nightie gradually and slowly up to her navel to expose her menstrual pad that stuck to her menstrual vagina. She saw one of his fingers tried to pull her menstrual pad to see inside. Suddenly she opened her eyes and felt it was sheer dream.

The most well-known biological theory is that women feel their sex drive kick into highest gear during ovulation at mid-cycle, approximately 14 days before they get their next period. The surge in estrogen and the added testosterone bonus that accompany ovulation explain why some women experience heightened libido during this time. This change makes logical sense when viewed within the context of evolution. Ovulation is the most fertile phase for women, and increased interest in and responsiveness to sex during this time ensures greater probability of conception and procreation than at other times of the cycle.

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