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Part 8

"And what if he meets you Rhea??? " Mohit asked her .... Ummmmm ..."I don't know Mohit", Rhea replied... "May be I would be in touch with him... I found him nice and there is no harm I think in being nice to nice people..... "

Mohit was fuming inside with jealousy but felt that it was wrong on his part to stop Rhea from being friends with whom she wanted to..... "Rhea just be careful when you make friends with strangers .... Times these days are not good as you think" Mohit told Rhea..

"Chill dude" said Rhea ....Cheers :) there she raised her tea mug and raised a toast to Mohit...."Btw what are you doing in the evening today ??"Mohit asked....Rhea told him that she had classes today and would be free the next day evening .... "OK then keep yourself free tomorrow",said Mohit ...I would take you to a nearby fair which has seafood speciality as theme ..... Rhea was excited to hear this as she loved Sea food and evenings spent with Mohit were always fun..... "Done deal" said Rhea ....."also it would be my treat since I have to make it up to you for today mornings mistake :)" said Rhea.... Mohit smiled ..


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